Mechanical and Structural Behaviour of a New Fire Resistance Construction Naterial

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Fire resistance capability of the construction materials play a significant role for the safety of the structures and personnel in case of fire. Material properties of conventional concrete or steel/FRP reinforced concrete material deteriorate severely in fire conditions causing imminent structural failure which expose life and facilities at great risk especially in some structures, such as tunnels or underground structures which usually need longer evacuation time. In this research, a hyrid fiber reinforced high performance concrete material with excellent fire resistance capability will be developed. The material properties of the new materials varying with temperatures up to 1500 degrees will be tested in fire furnace to investigate the degradation of the material properties under fire loading. A curved shell structural component September 2014 24 representing the lining of the tunnel made of this material will be built and the whole structure will be tested in fire furnace to investigate the fire resistance of the structures. The structural behaviour of the structure under fire loading will also be investigated numerically using computer simulation. The material models tested and the finite element model will be further validated by the numerical modelling. Once validated, parametric studies will be carried out to investigate the effect of a series of parameters, such as the thickness of the wall, the shape of the shell, etc.

It is expected a new construction material with excellent fire resistance capability will be developed and the material properties under temperate effect will be investigated. Fire resistance performance of a tunnel-like curved shell structure will also be investigated experimentally and numerically. The material will have very promising prospect of applications in engineering structures. The research outcome will provide importance reference to structural design and lay sound foundation for the application of this material.


Dr Y.X. (Sarah) Zhang (