Mentor Registration Form – UNSW Canberra Career Transition Mentoring Program

The UNSW Career Transition Mentoring Program aims to support UNSW alumni veterans making the transition from the military to the civilian workforce by connecting them with established alumni and industry professionals to provide guidance during this period of career development.

To be eligible to act as a mentor in the program, you must be a UNSW Canberra graduate or industry leader, with 2 or more years professional experience in the civilian workforce post military career. Most importantly, you need to be willing to share your expertise and know-how and have an understanding of the transition experience.

The mentorship in the program runs over a 6-month period. Typically, a meeting every 4 weeks, or once a month is optimal, however this can be flexible between the parties.

To help us match you with the most suitable mentee please complete the questions below.

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