Director, National Asian Security Studies Program (NASSP), Associate Professor Christopher Roberts

EEC Director

Christopher Roberts has lived in both Singapore and Japan and has conducted fieldwork throughout Asia including all the ASEAN nations. Christopher specialises in Southeast Asian security, politics, and institutional developments. He has completed more than forty books, journal articles, chapters, conference papers, commentaries and reports that addressed a broad range of subjects including Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, Australia, Indonesia, ASEAN and the Southeast and East Asian regional orders. Notable outputs include the following four sole authored and edited books: ‘The South China Sea: Political, Legal, and Regional Perspectives’ (Routledge), ‘Indonesia’s Ascent: Power, Leadership, and the Regional Order’ (Palgrave MacMillan), ‘ASEAN’s Myanmar Crisis: Challenges to the Pursuit of a Security Community’ (ISEAS), and ‘ASEAN Regionalism’ (Routledge).

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