Executive Education Program Team

Associate Professor Christopher Roberts, PhD

Christopher is Director of Executive Education. He specialises in East and Southeast Asian politics and security including ASEAN, the South China Sea, and the foreign policies of Indonesia,Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Vietnam.

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Professor David Lovell, PhD
Head of School

David is Head of the School of HASS. His research covers many areas including the history of European political thought, Australian politics, and applied ethics, but his focus is increasingly on challenges to democratization, including corruption and security issues.

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Associate Professor Chris McNicol
Senior Program Advisor and Course Convener

Chris contributes on national security policy and effects including the strategic application of soft and hard power, weapons of mass destruction/effect, and national strategic assets such as intelligence architecture and diplomacy. He is a former Australian Army officer and career diplomat.

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Dr Rita Parker
Course Convener

Rita’s expertise includes strategic risk and resilience, non-traditional challenges to security including biological security issues, energy security and immigration policies. She has published in Australia, Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, and Germany.

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Professor Carlyle Thayer, PhD
Course Convener

Carl is a Southeast Asia regional specialist with expertise on the domestic politics, foreign policies and security issues. He has particular expertise on Vietnam, the South China Sea, the region’s security architecture, and U.S. and Chinese foreign policies.

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Associate Professor Ahmad (Derry) Habir, PhD
Course Convener and Indonesia Based Representative

Derry specialises in business and policy and teaches organisational behaviour, international business, and sustainable development. His research interests are in business and politics with a focus on Indonesia.





Dr Jian Zhang

Jian is Deputy Head of School. He specialises in Asian security affairs especially China’s foreign and security policies, Chinese military modernisation, the East and South China Seas, and Asia-Pacific security architectures.

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Professor James Goldrick, Lit.D.

James retired in 2012 as a two star Rear Admiral. His research interests include naval and maritime strategy and policy in South and Southeast Asia, with a focus on their response to changing technologies and operational challenges.





Professor Peter Leahy

Peter’s prior experience as Chief of Army has led to interests in command, leadership and management; strategic culture; the challenge of modern terrorism and how to achieve a ‘whole of government approach’ to defence and national security.





Associate Professor John McFarlane

John is a former Director of Intelligence in the Australian Federal Police. Prior to that he served with the Australian Intelligence Community. His main teaching and research interests are transnational, serious and organised crime, and corruption.





Professor Toni Erskine, PhD

Toni’s research interests include the responsibilities of formal organizations; the ethics of war, the responsibility to protect; the changing nature of norms of restraint in world politics; and assumptions of agency within International Relations (IR) theory.

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Professor Clive Williams

Clive was as an officer in Australian Military Intelligence, which included various overseas intelligence appointments. He specialises in terrorism and national security issues and regularly conducts fieldwork in areas of interest including Afghanistan.





Associate Professor Anthony Burke, PhD

Anthony’s research interests include new security agendas and conflicts, war and peace, security ethics, and climate change. His books include Beyond Security, Ethics and Violence: War Against the Other and Fear of Security: Australia’s Invasion Anxiety.

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Professor Gary Hogan

Retired Brigadier Hogan is the former Head of Army Intelligence, Defence’s top Asianist and most experienced military diplomat. A former Professor at the U.S. National Defense University, his teaching interests include National Security, Asian affairs, Defence diplomacy and Australia’s place in the region.  





Associate Professor Stephen Sherlock, PhD

Stephen has been an adviser for the World Bank, UN, ADB, AusAID/DFAT, USAID, and the Asia Foundation. His current research interests include Indonesian politics, political parties, elections, government accountability and institutional reform.

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Robert Lowry

Robert served in the Army for 30 years where he developed an abiding interest in military affairs and politics. He is author of The Armed Forces of Indonesia, Fortress Fiji, and other monographs, book chapters, working papers and articles on Indonesian defence matters. 





Associate Professor Leonard Sebastian, PhD

Leonard currently serves as a member of the Advisory Panel to the Government Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs. His research focuses on Indonesian strategic issues and he teaches courses on Indonesian Strategic Thought and Comparative Civil-Military relations.





Dr Deane-Peter Baker

Deane is a leading international specialist in military ethics. His broader research interests include African security, military strategy and force design, counterinsurgency and future military operations. Deane previously taught at the U.S. Naval Academy. He has served in the British Army and the South African Army.

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Professor Greg Austin, PhD

Greg has published several books on China’s national security and diplomacy, the armed forces of Russia and international energy security. He also researches international security including countering radicalization to violence and preventive diplomacy.

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Professor Stewart Woodman, PhD

Stewart has extensive academic and professional experience in strategic and defence policy development. A former senior policy officer in Defence, he has directed strategic studies programs at ANU, ACSC and UNSW and supported eight regional nations preparing major strategic reviews.

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Associate Professor Douglas Allan

Douglas hails from an investigative background in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Bulgaria. He has taught at the NHSCFSMS and delivered financial crime curriculum at City University London and with Charles Sturt University.

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Professor James Cotton, PhD

James is the author of over 200 publications including ‘Middle Power Dreaming: Australia in World Affairs 2006-2010’. He teaches widely on Asian security and will be contributing on the politics and security of the Korean peninsula.

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Professor Mark Turner, PhD

Mark has been working for more than 30 years in the politics, development, policy and public sector management of the Indo-Pacific. He has specific in country experience in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and China.