New compounds of iridium for use in supramolecular assemblies

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Dr Lynne Wallace (

Description of Work: 


This project will involve the development of synthetic methods for the preparation of novel redox-active iridium(III) complexes that have the potential for use in many areas such as nanotechnology, photovoltaic devices or anti-cancer therapy. The redox and optical properties of the new species will be characterized and their suitability for incorporation into supramolecular assemblies will be investigated.

Description of Work:

  • Synthesize and purification of new and established iridium(III) polypyridyl complexes, both mononuclear and multinuclear.
  • Investigate the electrochemical and spectroscopic behaviour of the free complexes in various media to extend our knowledge of such systems; and utilise this knowledge in the design of new complexes.
  • Extend the work to include measurements on host-guest species and multinuclear complexes and assess their potential for use in various types of supramolecular assemblies such as molecular switches, photovoltaics or electrochromic devices.