Jane Gleeson-White to deliver public lecture at UNSW Canberra

| 19 Sep 2018

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Author Jane Gleeson-White will deliver a public lecture at UNSW Canberra as part of her residency with the University and the ACT Writers Centre, funded by the Copyright Agency.

The award-winning non-fiction writer is in Canberra researching her upcoming book, Burnt Angels. She will discuss her research and writing process at the public lecture.

“I’ll be talking about the research I’m doing at UNSW Canberra on the 1942 Japanese invasion of Papua New Guinea for my new book, the things that are firing my imagination, the challenges I’m finding trying to imagine such a work, and why I think this history is so important,” Dr Gleeson-White says.

Dr Gleeson-White says there will be something in the lecture for anyone who is interested in World War II, as well as those interested in writing and the creative process.

“You will get to hear some tales from the wilds of a new creative adventure,” Dr Gleeson-White says.

UNSW Canberra Professor Nicole Moore says Dr Gleeson-White is a compelling speaker.

“I am really looking forward to hearing her talk about the personal dimensions of her new project,” Professor Moore says.

“She has been very engaged by her contact with historians of war here on campus, and with those of us thinking about the ongoing traumas and after effects of the world’s more recent violent conflicts – there is so much we can all learn from attending to that near past more closely.”

UNSW Canberra undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to learn from Jane when she teaches first and second year classes this week.

Dr Gleeson-White says the Academy Library has “one of the best collections of war books in the world”, which have been very helpful with her research.

“The people at UNSW Canberra have also helped, they’ve been warm, generous and smart,” she says.

“Their conversations have stimulated my thinking in most unexpected ways. On the first day alone two random conversations set my brain on fire and made me think ‘now I know why I’m here’ – not bad for my first few hours.”

The public lecture will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, September 25. Register for free via this link.

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