Professor Shirley Scott receives Dorothy Green Award

| 08 Mar 2019

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Professor Shirley Scott was presented with this year’s Dorothy Green Award at an International Women’s Day morning tea on Friday.

The award recognises outstanding research by women at UNSW Canberra.

Professor Shirley Scott is the Head of School for Humanities, Arts and Social Science and her research spans history, international law and international relations.

When she first joined the School of Politics at UNSW Canberra, there was very little research being undertaken in international relations on the role of international law in world politics.

Internationally, it is now a vibrant field of enquiry and Professor Scott has been at the forefront of this development.

With a focus on the politics of international law, Professor Scott’s research has covered various specialisations, including developments in the South China Sea and Antarctica. All have had excellent results in terms of engagement.

Professor Scott has published 10 books, penned 30 book chapters, published 50 journal articles and presented numerous conference papers.

As a member of the Advisory Council of the Asian Society of International Law, she has been a key player in organising some of the most significant gatherings of international lawyers in our region.

In her PhD research, Professor Scott developed a theory of cognitive structures of cooperation inclusive of international law.

A considerable portion of her scholarship since has been written within this framework. She is currently embarking on a project to integrate the various strands of her theoretical work, including the theoretical contributions of her HDR students, into a monograph.

The project is designed to increase the impact of her theory and is also timely given that it speaks to current debates regarding the implications for international law of the changing international distribution of power.

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