Optimization of Self Compacting High Performance Concrete

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Description of Work: 


With Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) becoming the dominant method of concrete production, it is necessary to be able to obtain optimum mix designs. The optimisation will take into consideration the environmental necessity to reduce cement use, using waste materials, reducing energy consumption, reducing overall cost, increasing ease of production and placing, reducing short term shrinkage and cracking problems and designing for long term durability and sustainability.

Description of Work:

  • Study and analyse the rationale that underlies the different design procedures used in SCC.
  • Theorise models that will take into consideration the objectives of the research.
  • Design a large number of different mixes based on the models in step 2 above.
  • Test and analyse the results.


Dr Obada Kayali (o.kayali@adfa.edu.au); Prof Evgeny Morozov (e.morozov@adfa.edu.au)