Associate Professor Douglas Guilfoyle

Associate Professor of International and Security Law
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
UNSW Canberra Cyber

Associate Professor Douglas Guilfoyle joined UNSW Canberra in 2018. His principal areas of research are maritime security, the international law of the sea, and international and transnational criminal law. Particular areas of specialism include maritime law-enforcement, the law of naval warfare, international courts and tribunals, and the history of international law.

He is the author of Shipping Interdiction and the Law of the Sea (CUP 2009) and International Criminal Law (OUP 2016); and is the editor of Modern Piracy: Legal Challenges and Responses (Elgar 2013). He has published numerous papers on maritime security and law enforcement, and in particular Somali piracy. His research work is informed by his consultancy to various government and international organisations.

He was previously a Professor of Law at Monash University, Reader in Law at University College London, and has worked as a judicial associate in the Australian Federal Court and the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal. He has also practised as a commercial litigation solicitor in Sydney.

He was a Gates Cambridge Trust scholar and Chevening scholar during his graduate study at the University of Cambridge.


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