Dr Edwin Jurriens

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Edwin Jurriëns is Lecturer in Indonesian Studies at The University of Melbourne and Adjunct Lecturer with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra. Before joining The University of Melbourne, Edwin was Lecturer in Indonesian Studies and Southeast Asian Social Inquiry at UNSW Canberra (2004-2012) and Postdoctoral Fellow at Leiden University, The Netherlands (2001-2003). He holds a PhD (2001) and Master's (1996) and undergraduate degrees in Literature and Indonesian Studies from Leiden University, and he also studied at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) in Yogyakarta (1994-1995) and Andalas University in Padang (1992). Dr Jurriëns is co-editor of the Asian Visual Cultures book series of Amsterdam University Press and the principal supervisor of four current PhD projects on contemporary art and the media in various parts of Asia.

In 2016, he was co-convenor of the Australian National University (ANU) annual Indonesia Update conference on ‘Digital Indonesia’. In 2014, he was one of the academic leaders of a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-sponsored Australian Awards Fellowships program focusing on contemporary art, culture and society in Indonesia and Timor Leste. In 2008, he was Visiting Fellow with the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in Leiden. Dr Jurriëns’ main research interests are in the media and contemporary art. His research has focused on various form of social engagement represented in or facilitated by a diverse range of media and art forms in Indonesia.

His latest book, Visual Media in Indonesia: Video Vanguard (Routledge, 2017) deals with creative media creating awareness about and presenting more sustainable scenarios for the interconnection between virtual, material and natural environments. With Dr Ross Tapsell, he is currently editing a book on Digital Indonesia: Connectivity and Divergence, to be published by ISEAS in 2017. Previously, he has authored and edited books on the role of society, culture and art in disaster relief efforts in the Asia-Pacific region (Disaster Relief in the Asia-Pacific: Agency and Resilience; Routledge, 2014); the role of radio in facilitating discourse contributing to Indonesia’s transition to democracy (From Monologue to Dialogue: Radio and Reform in Indonesia; Brill, 2009); the role of art and the media in interconnecting expressions of cosmopolitanism and patriotism in Asia (Cosmopatriots: On Distant Belongings and Close Encounters; Brill, 2007); and the role of local-language television, radio and music in representing and creating hybridized forms of identity in West Java (Cultural Travel and Migrancy: The Artistic Representation of Globalization in the Electronic Media of West Java; Brill, 2004). Some of his work has been translated into Indonesian and Chinese.

Dr Jurriëns’ is strongly committed to area studies as a unique field of interdisciplinary, interdiscursive and intercultural research and teaching. His work approaches Asia-related studies not merely as the studies of geopolitical entities, but as a multi-layered scholarly paradigm in which the studies of language, society and culture are interconnected and mutually enriching. Dr Jurriëns’ undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision cover media, art, literature, culture and society in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia. His current undergraduate teaching includes all levels of Indonesian language, Asian Arts: Networks and Hubs, Media and Urban Culture in Asia, Creative Industries in Indonesia, Literature: Reading Indonesian Lives, Analysing Indonesia: Concepts and Issues, and Diversity: Identities in Indonesia (including gender, class and religion).

Dr Jurriëns’ has a strong record in public engagement activities in collaboration with various organisations in Melbourne, including Multicultural Arts Victoria, the Indonesian Film Festival and the Indonesian Language and Culture Centre for Victoria and Tasmania. 


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