Dr Timothy Trudgian

+61 2 626 88021


Room 104 PEMS South (Bldg 26) School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


BSc (Hons), The Australian National University, December 2005

DPhil, University of Oxford, June 2010

Research Interests: analytic number theory: the Riemann zeta-function, distribution of primes, primitive roots.

My CV; see also my UNSW Canberra website

I am part of the Number Theory Group at UNSW Canberra; I work closely with colleagues in number theory at UNSW Sydney.

Scholarships of $35,000 (AUD) are available for PhD applicants who achieved H1 (High Distinction) in their undergraduate programme and/or have completed a Masters by Research. If you are interested, please contact me at t.trudgian@adfa.edu.au. I particularly encourage female mathematicians to apply.

You can find out information about the PhD programme in mathematics here.

Note to international applicants: please read this website on English language requirements before contacting me.

Book Chapters

Mossinghoff M; Trudgian T, 2017, 'The Liouville function and the Riemann hypothesis', in Montgomery H; Nikeghbali A; Rassias M (ed.), Exploring the Riemann Zeta Function 190 years from Riemann's Birth, Springer, Cham, pp. 201 - 221

Journal articles

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