Professor Liz Ritchie-Tyo

Associate Dean (Education)

Professor Liz Ritchie is a Professor in the School of Science, and the Associate Dean for Education, at UNSW Canberra. Professor Ritchie’s broad research interests are tropical cyclones, tropical meteorology, extreme weather and climate impacts on societies.

Her research focused on the physical understanding, estimation, and prediction of tropical cyclogenesis, tropical cyclone structure and intensity change, the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones and their downstream impacts, and tropical cyclone landfall impacts on natural environments and societies. Climate and environmental impacts on extreme weather behaviour. Weather Phenomena. Tropical cyclone storm surge and sedimentation from fresh-water inundation.

Before joining UNSW in 2017 as the Deputy Director Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management, Professor Ritchie worked as Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona.

Professor Ritchie is an editor of Weather and Forecasting and former editor of the Monthly Weather Review. She is a member of the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) Working Group on Tropical Cyclones and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's expert group on weather and weather prediction, has served on numerous NASA panels including Chair of the Senior Review, is a former Councillor of the American Meteorological Society, served on the U.S. Joint Hurricane Testbed Steering Committee, and has served in a number of leadership roles for the WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones.

She has more than 50 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters, and 150+ conference papers.