Lieutenant Commander Richard Adams

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

LCDR Richard Adams is the Chief of Navy Fellow.

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Adams R; Owen C; Scott C; Parsons DP, 2017, Beyond Command and Control Leadership, Culture and Risk, CRC Press

Journal articles

Adams RJ, 2015, '"That Same Old Lie: The Doctrine of Legitimate Authority"', Philosophical Forum, vol. 46, pp. 71 - 89,

Adams RJ; Barrie C, 2013, 'The bureaucratization of war: moral challenges exemplified by the covert lethal drone', Ethics and Global Politics, vol. Vol 6, pp. 245 - 260,

Adams RJ, 2013, 'Moral autonomy in Australian legislation and military doctrine', Ethics & Global Poltics, vol. 6, pp. 135 - 154,

Conference Presentations

Adams RJ, 2014, 'The Strategic Corporal: A Strategic Voice', presented at The Strategic Corporal Revisited: Challenges for Combatants in Twenty-First Century Warfare, Australian National University, 28 August 2014 - 29 August 2014