Mr Xianglei Wang


Journal articles

Wang X; Riesen H, 2015, 'Mechanochemical synthesis of an efficient nanocrystalline BaFBr:Eu2+ X-ray storage phosphor', RSC Advances, vol. 5, pp. 85506 - 85510,

Wang XL; Liu ZQ; Stevens-Kalceff MA; Riesen H, 2014, 'Mechanochemical preparation of nanocrystalline BaFCl doped with samarium in the 2+ oxidation state', Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 53, pp. 8839 - 8841,

Wang X; Riesen H; Stevens-Kalceff MA; Rajan RP, 2014, 'Room Temperature Hole-Burning of X-ray Induced Sm2+ in Nanocrystalline Ba0.5Sr0.5FCl0.5Br0.5:Sm3+ Prepared by Mechanochemistry', Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol. 118, pp. 9445 - 9450,

Wang X; Liu Z; Stevens-Kalceff MA; Riesen H, 2013, 'A facile method for the preparation of Eu 2+ -doped nanocrystalline BaFCl', Materials Research Bulletin, vol. 48, pp. 3691 - 3694,

Liu Z; Stevens-Kalceff MA; Wang X; Riesen H, 2013, 'Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline bafcl:sm storage phosphor by ball milling', Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 588, pp. 193 - 197,

Conference Papers

Wang X; Riesen HA, (eds.), 2014, 'Controlled Synthesis of Nanocystalline BaFCl:Sm3+ X-ray Storage Phosphor', in Proceedings of Wagga 2013, Australian Institute of Physics (AIP), Wagga Wagga, Australia, pp. 41 - 44, presented at The 37th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga, Australia, 05 - 08 February 2013

Theses / Dissertations

Wang X, 2014, Characterization and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Alkaline Earth Halides of the Formula MFX:RE2+/3+ (M=Ba,Sr,Ca; X=Cl,Br,I; RE=Sm,Eu) Prepared by Co-Precipitation and Ball-Milling, thesis, UNSW, UNSW Canberra