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Innovation Lab Team Member Profiles

Dr Timothy Lynar Senior Lecturer and Lab Leader
Dr Aline Maalouf Research Associate
Dr Ram Prasad Mohanty Research Associate
Jasmin Craufurd-Hill Research Associate
Lisa Liu-Thorrold Doctoral Candidate
Hassan Wasswa Doctoral Candidate
Alexander Somerville Doctoral Candidate
Mahmuda Akter Doctoral Candidate
Mohammad Alam Doctoral Candidate
Dr Benjamin Kaehler Visiting Fellow


Innovation Lab Team Member Biographies

Dr. Salim received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electronics and communication engineering and the Ph.D. degree in signal processing for communication engineering from UniSQ University, QLD, Australia, in 2015. Dr. Salim currently working as a Research Associate at UNSW, Canberra, Australia, for producing and optimizing Machine Learning (ML) techniques for sensor systems. The work at UNSW includes the development of both software and hardware implementations.  He has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers published in high-impact IEEE journals and conferences. Dr. Salim has been successful in receiving grants from the corporate industry.

Jess is an IT leader, lecturer and cyber security researcher. Jess holds 5 Master’s qualifications in Cybersecurity Operations, Systems Engineering, Space Operations, Project Management and International Relations (Security). Jess is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Cyber Security, focussing on applications of epidemiology to cyber security (Cyber Epidemiology) for malware propagation analysis at scale. Jess has five publications in cybersecurity and is currently collaborating a Taiwanese research team from the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. This research explores the application of Artificial Intelligence for the modelling of Artificial Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) towards improved attack detection. Jess is passionate about cyber operations, global cyber threat intelligence sharing and multidisciplinary approaches to cyber defence.

Harriet is a PhD candidate in Cyber Security, looking at Adversarial Machine Learning. She has a Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy from UNSW Canberra and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bio-anthropology from the Australian National University. She also completed a Summer Semester in Data Science at Stanford University. She currently works at the Department of Defence and has previously worked in a tech start-up, academia and consulting and has lived in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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