Number Theory

We proudly host a range of high-calibre visitors to the university. Recent visits include: 

Lee Zhao, UNSW Sydney, May 2023

Neea Palojärvi, University of Helsinki, March 2023

June Park, University of Melbourne, November 2022

Noa Kraitzman, Macquarie University, October 2022

Randell Heyman, UNSW Sydney, October 2022

Angus McAndrew, ANU, September 2022

Ayreena Bakhtawar, Scuola Normale Superiore, August 2022

Anna Romanov, UNSW Sydney, August 2022

Raph Steiner, Institute for Advanced Study, February 2020 

Adam Logan, Tutte Institute and Carleton University, February 2020 

Thomas Bloom, University of Cambridge, January 2020 

Ayla Gafni, University of Mississippi, January 2020 

Holly Krieger, University of Cambridge, November 2019 

Kam Hung Yau, UNSW Sydney, November 2019 

Enrique Treviño, Lake Forest College, October 2019 

Peter Humphries, University College, London, September 2019 

Olivier Ramaré, Aix Marseille University, September 2019 

Changhao Chen, UNSW Sydney, April 2019 

Asif Zaman, Stanford University, March 2019 

Kevin McGown, California State University, Chico, January-March 2019 

Micah Milinovich, University of Mississippi, January 2019 

Greg Martin, University of British Columbia, November 2018  

Dave Platt, University of Bristol, September 2018 

Chacha Suriajaya, RIKEN, September 2018    

Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh, Carleton College, March 2018   

Please get in touch if you would like to visit and we can arrange a seminar. 

Number Theory Group photo

We have a vibrant group of students and faculty in number theory. Our students, from seven different countries, collaborate with each other and with the visitors we regularly host at our department. Students also pursue their own research, focussing on a mixture of reading classical and modern texts and tackling unsolved problems early in their PhDs. 

We work closely with our colleagues in the number theory group UNSW Sydney to publish work and organise joint conferences. We visit Sydney regularly and also travel to stimulating meetings in Australia, including Number Theory Down Under and the December meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Since UNSW Canberra provides generous travel support to researchers, several of our students and faculty may have the opportunity to attend overseas conferences. Students can also take advantage of Canberra’s location, and in their holidays travel to many beautiful scenic locations in Australia: an absolute must! 

Study With Us

We offer PhD programs in mathematics and statistics and actively encourage new applications. Scholarships of $35,000 (AUD) are available for PhD applicants who achieved H1 (High Distinction) in their undergraduate program and have completed a Master by Research. If you are interested in applying, please contact

We particularly encourage female mathematicians to apply. 

Number theory at UNSW Canberra