Flexible working in the ACT Public Service

This project is a research partnership between PSRG and the ACT Public Service (ACTPS).

The ACTPS have positioned flexibility as central to their Future of Work strategy and are looking for ways to implement flexible practices across the ACTPS. This research aims to support the implementation of this strategy by providing evidence concerning how to best support effective flexible working in the ACTPS. In doing so we will explore factors that contribute to enhanced effectiveness, including technology, the built environment, and managerial and organisational support.

Recognising the diversity of the ACTPS, fundamental to our approach is the expectation that support needs will differ between the range of occupations and demographic groups. Ensuring the approach is contextually relevant and actionable is a core aim of our work.

This project will be conducted over six phases, and adopt a mixed methods research design.

Research results were reported in October 2022 and can be viewed here.

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