Artificial Intelligence

Redefining Possibility

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in our daily lives. From our smartphone personal voice assistants to self-driving cars to drones aiding rescue operations, AI is designed to replicate the cognitive functions of human beings so machines can autonomously deal with unknown and unexpected situations.

At UNSW Canberra at ADFA our research strengths lie in technical innovation and developing capabilities. We answer some of the most urgent ethical and human questions when designing, implementing and applying AI.

Our multidisciplinary approach benefits from our strong relationships with researchers and organisations working in areas such as space, trusted autonomy and cyber security. We have an emphasis on supporting Defence, government and industry, and we teach AI from its theoretical foundations right through to its practical applications.

Artificial Intelligence Research

Our world-class researchers are drawn from a range of diverse fields. Together, they excel in applying leading-edge technology to solve applied AI problems.

With a human-centred focus that considers ethical, social, and legal implications, we’re planning to deliver advanced and targeted responses to the challenges of working and living with AI.

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Changing the Nature of Space Exploration

We're leading the way in space exploration and equipping Australian satellites with artificial intelligence (AI) to better meet user needs for rapid access to information. 

From secure communications and data collection during extreme weather events to assisting with resource management, explore how we're developing AI in space to help solve the challenges facing our world.

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An Integrated Defence Focus

UNSW Canberra proudly educates Australia’s future military leaders—but we also strengthen national defence and security through our relationships with the Australian Defence Force and defence industries.

Our Defence Research Institute (DRI) aims to sustain Defence’s competitive operational advantage in support of Australia’s sovereign interests.

Explore how our wide-ranging research generates disruptive capabilities and delivers multidisciplinary solutions to complex defence and security problems. 

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