Business Research

Our research aims to address the novel facets of diversity, including intersectionality and how it can be embraced by organisations and businesses to enhance their effectiveness.

We specialise in Public Service Management research, working alongside public service organisations to produce new insights in areas spanning Capability, Ethics, Inclusion and Complex Systems.

Sustainment and Network Collaboration research at UNSW Canberra addresses the acquisition, development and sustainment of strategic capabilities that typically involve large-scale physical assets.

We're working to develop more effective solutions and tools for project planning and tracking, risk management, and achieving high-quality project deliverables in project-based organisations. 

Korea Research Initiatives at the University of New South Wales (KRI@UNSW) is a leading international research hub for Korean Studies in Australasia and Southeast Asia.

The Industrial Relations Research Group addresses emerging issues of concern in the changing world of work and workplace relations, both local and international.