Capability Systems

Capability is the ability to complete specific courses of action. Organisations develop capability and use capability systems not only to compete in today’s market, but to remain unique.

Our research at the Capability Systems Centre focuses on the shortfalls in the methodologies, tools and techniques for developing capability. Our work in this area is crucial, as little research on the actual development of capability exists.

We apply our world-class academic expertise to the development, acquisition and sustainment of capability throughout the life cycle of any asset. This can be for any organisation or project at any stage. We can help with construction, supply chain management, workforce planning, predictive modelling and with the implementation of new tools such as machine learning.

Capability Systems Research

Our programs bring together researchers from different complementary disciplines. We seek to fill significant knowledge gaps to help Defence, government and industry develop and apply more effective solutions throughout their whole asset life cycles within complex environments.

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Capability Systems

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Whether you’re with Defence, government or industry we can help underpin all your capability decisions with robust research, assurance support and quality education. We are a member of the prestigious Group of Eight (Go8) research intensive universities with a global reputation for outstanding research capabilities and teaching.

We work alongside your organisation, in whatever domain that may be and at any stage of the capability life cycle. This could be in the initial exploratory phase, when you are defining your needs and requirements. Or it could be in the development of an integrated logistic support plan. 

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