War Studies

Understanding the Past, Present & Future of Global Conflict

The study of war allows us to learn from the past, understand the present and prepare for the future. At UNSW Canberra at ADFA we take a multidisciplinary approach to war studies, harnessing the expertise of historians, ethicists, military tacticians and legal scholars.  

Our relationship with the Australian Defence Force positions us as a natural leader in this field. We are interested in the lessons learnt from our country’s conflicts and we seek to understand the evolving military landscape our servicemen and women are likely to face. 

We are also home to the largest academic defence library in the Southern Hemisphere – an invaluable resource for our researchers working across Conflict & Society and International Ethics.

War Studies Research

Our researchers address a broad spectrum of war studies. From the history of armed conflict to international ethics, information warfare and the future of military operations, we're leading the national conversation in all facets of the field.

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School of Humanities & Social Sciences

UNSW Canberra Space

Australian Naval History Podcast

The Australian Naval History podcast discusses notable events in the history of the Royal Australian Navy. It draws on the expertise of our academics and former naval officers.

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An Integrated Defence Focus

UNSW Canberra proudly educates Australia’s future military leaders—but we also strengthen national defence and security through our relationships with the Australian Defence Force and defence industries.

Our Defence Research Institute (DRI) aims to sustain Defence’s competitive operational advantage in support of Australia’s sovereign interests.

Explore how our wide-ranging research generates disruptive capabilities and delivers multidisciplinary solutions to complex defence and security problems. 

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