Project Management


Our research engages with the complexities of projects across small and large projects to develop:   

  • better methods and tools to track project or program success factors 
  • more effective solutions for managing uncertainties and risks in a complex project or program environments 
  • more agile and accurate decision-making tools for various phases of projects or programs life cycles 
  • improved achievement of goals and benefits in project-based organisations 

Competitive Advantage

  • Combining computational, mathematical, and qualitative approaches to project, program and portfolio management and control. 
  • Focusing on data-driven project management and scheduling approaches to better integrate business rules and principles along the line of conventional project management.  
  • Utilising new approaches to incorporate various uncertainties and dynamic behaviours in complex project environments. 
  • Developing advanced decision-making tools considering various criteria over time with proper implementation of advanced techniques (e.g. evolutionary algorithms, machine learning tools, multi-method approaches) to achieve high-quality results. 

Successful Applications

  • Developing comprehensive dynamic risk assessment models based on risk interdependencies and uncertainties in various project life cycle phases. 
  • Development of robust project control tools considering multiple uncertainties in resources and overall material supply chain. 
  • Advanced Approaches for Solving Portfolio of Projects Under Uncertain Environments 
  • Developing a User-Friendly Interface to Predict Project Success and Control Budget by Considering Real-life Risks 
  • Solving Resource Portfolio problems: Mitigating Uncertainties and Preparing for the Unexpected 
  • Integration of Supply Chain Concepts During Planning Portfolio of Projects  

We present our research findings and showcase the breadth of our work by giving talks at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) ACT Chapter forum and Project Management national workshops and conferences.

Study With Us

The following courses are available to postgraduate students wishing to pursue studies in Project Management: