Our Research

Our Research Areas and Impact

Our world-class researchers are drawn from a range of diverse fields. Together, we excel in applying leading-edge technology to solve applied AI problems.

With a human-centred focus that considers ethical, social, and legal implications, see how we’re building capacity to deliver advanced and targeted responses to working and living with AI.

We deliver high-quality business research, relevant to a range of audiences including government, public services and industry.  

With work spanning the areas of governance, strategic decision making, public sector management and diversity, explore how our research is focused on the needs of today’s modern businesses.

Our programs bring together researchers from various but complementary disciplinary backgrounds. We address significant knowledge gaps to help Defence, government and industry develop and apply more effective solutions throughout their whole asset life cycles within complex environments.

Driven by a desire to build a healthier, more sustainable future, we create technological engineering solutions with local impact and global significance.

From cybersecurity and AI to renewable energy and resilient infrastructure, see how we are developing innovative solutions to the biggest issues facing our planet.

Our research addresses some of the most pressing concerns affecting global security. From protecting our planet’s environment and its most vulnerable occupants in the here and now, to ensuring we’re well equipped to face the challenges of the future, see how our research is helping to secure our world.

Driven by world-leading academics pushing the boundaries of knowledge in sustainability, climate change, and renewable energy, our researchers strive to make the world a better place.

From heatwave modelling and tracking extreme climate events to developing low-cost, low-energy water purification processes for remote and developing communities, see how our scientists are creating innovative solutions to the biggest issues facing our planet.

Our space research focuses on providing tangible solutions to our needs on Earth. It draws from and informs our satellite missions. We are also researching the ethical challenges that global advances in space might create and how we might solve these potential problems.

Our researchers address a broad spectrum of war studies. From the history of armed conflict to international ethics, information warfare and the future of military operations, see how we are leading the national conversation in all facets of the field.

Engagement & Partnerships

We partner with local, national and international organisations. We foster mutually beneficial relationships with a broad range of organisations. Our collaborators include local small businesses, major defence companies, state and federal governments and other institutes.

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Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon. Christopher Pyne visits UNSW Canberra Space to discuss the progress of the M1 satellite mission for RAAF

Our Research Facilities

From unique laboratories to one of the most comprehensive defence research libraries in the southern hemisphere — explore what we can offer you through our state-of-the-art research facilities.

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Institutes, Centres & Initiatives

Our centres, institutes and initiatives provide cutting-edge research across a number of specialist areas including cybersecurity, systems engineering and public sector services. We proudly deliver capability and international thought leadership through our global academic and industry partnerships.

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Our Research

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Postgraduate Research Study

We deliver an unparalleled postgraduate research environment specifically designed to help HDR candidates thrive in their chosen field of research.

Explore our range of postgraduate research degrees to kick start your research journey with UNSW Canberra at ADFA.  

Research candidates with exceptional potential who plan to undertake a higher degree by research can apply for scholarships that provide a range of benefits and financial support such as an annual stipend, tuition fees and student health cover.