Developing a User-friendly Interface to Predict Project Success and Control Budget by Considering Real-life Risks

Project Description

The aim of this research is to develop a user-friendly computerized platform to predict project success after considering all real-life risk issues. This interface should be adjustable to use both in predicting projects as well as dynamic supply chains. This risk assessment framework (RAF) should provides enough information for managers and decision makers and facilitates project planning (scheduling and budgeting) by incorporating risks and uncertainties. To demonstrate the applicability of that proposed RAF under varied dynamic conditions, numerous practical case studies need to be analysed and solved by using few optimisation approaches. The computational results and useful insights obtained using the proposed RAF should open an avenue for future research in project management field, which will provide some important propositions or guidelines for project management practitioners.

Keywords: Project Scheduling;Resource Constraints; Dynamic Environments; Uncertainties; Risk Assessment.

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