Integration of Supply Chain Concepts During Planning Portfolio of Projects

Integrating Supply Chain

In contemporary enterprises, single project settings are rare today. Hence, issues involving the simultaneous management of multiple projects (or portfolio of projects) have become more prevalent. Up to 90 % of all projects worldwide are executed in a multi-project context (i.e., portfolio of projects). This portfolio of projects (POP) is considered as the simultaneous scheduling of two or more projects which demand the same scarce resources. Meanwhile, when dealing with multiple projects, two approaches have been used in earlier researches: (1) a single project approach, using dummy activities and precedence arcs to combine multiple projects into a single mega-project or (2) a multi-project approach.

In the POP setting, if few (or all) projects are sharing same resources, then optimal allocation of resources is another important aspect to consider. Moreover, during project execution, availability of resources is vital for time sensitive projects. Managers need to decide whether it is optimum to choose Just-in-time delivery of resources when needed or buying all resources at the very start of the project. To ensure maximum product availabilities, a project manager should have a good understanding on the whole backward supply chain (which is very rare to find in modern era). Hence, this research aims to integrate supply chain philosophies into project scheduling problems.  

Once the mathematical formulation has been designed, this whole setup is expected to solve by using some heuristic or meta-heuristic approaches. Forming a readily available real-life project database can be another extension of this work.

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