Probabilistic Systems Engineering Model: Synthesis and Validation

Probabilistic Systems Engineering Model: Synthesis and Validation

The aim of this project is to synthesize building blocks of a Probabilistic Systems Engineering Model and its validation. The model would be based on probabilistic success in execution of systems engineering task and resulting rework. Four basic systems engineering tasks are considered initially:

1)   Problem identification

2)   Solution Synthesis

3)   Integration

4)   Test

For each of these tasks will be characterized with a set of probability measures that will indicate the success or failure. Then these measures are applied to a network view the system. One major task in this project is the identification of an appropriate solver for the network such as Bayesian network, Petri Net, Generalized Networks or other models based random graph theory. The solver must be able to identify lead time, rework and quality of the constructed system. Suitable for proffesional students with a stong background in mathematics.

Dr Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik

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