Time-resolved processes in ns-duration plasmas

Time-resolved processes in ns-duration plasmas

This project involves the use of laser-based methods to investigate time-dependent population distributions in laser-induced plasmas.  Such plasmas have applications in fuel ignition studies, sterilisation and chemical treatment, but their fundamental behaviour is still very poorly understood, even in simple gases such as Argon.  The student will use a combination of planar laser-induced fluorescence and tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to investigate the temporal behaviour of air and noble gas plasmas, and those of simple gaseous fuel species to determine aspects of the chemistry of the breakdown processes.

Students with an undergraduate background in physics, and in plasma physics in particular, would be well suited to this project, but a good and motivated engineer with a strong interest in learning more about lasers and spectroscopy could handle the project.


The equipment required to do the project exists.  The work is funded through an external CRC-P project in the case where hydrocarbon fuel breakdown is studied.

Associate Professor Sean O'Byrne

Associate Professor Sean O’Byrne,

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