Plasmonic nano-antennas at optical wavelengths.

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Dr Haroldo Hattori (

Description of Work: 


Plasmonic waves are electromagnetic excitations that propagate at the interface  between dielectrics and metals (surface waves). Devices based upon the propagation of plasmonic waves have opened the possibility of developing very compact optical devices. Among a multitude of plasmonic optical devices, nanoantennas offer the most promising applications. These nano-antennas generate high intense electrical fields in very small regions, which allow the selective attraction of certain nano-particles, investigate molecular processes in living cells and create new biological and chemical sensors.

Description of Work:

  • Design these nano-antennas to operate with semiconductor materials (GaAsor InP platforms).
  • Integrate these nano-antennas with active devices such as quantum dot lasers.
  • Examine the possibility of creating novel bio-sensors and novel bio-imaging systems.
  • Fabricate these devices with either focused ion beam milling systems and/or electron beam.
  • Lithography and reactive ion etching systems
  • Characterise the fabricated nano-antennas and test it with selective biological applications.