Production of High Performance Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

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With the emphasis on sustainability of building activities, the geopolymers have regained interest from the industry. Dr Kayali, the supervisor of this research, has patented a new unique lightweight aggregate that posses superior qualities and is made from fly ash. The combination of geopolymers and the new lightweight aggregates to produce high quality structural concrete is technically a very promising objective. More importantly this combination is an environmentally important and responsible objective as it lies at the core of sustainability of concrete materials and production.

Description of Work:

Fully understand the geopolymers and the method of their manufacture within ease and cost efficiency. September 2014 25 Arrive at an easy to produce mix design using geopolymers instead of cement, together with fibre reinforcement and the newly produced lightweight aggregates. Test and analyse the results in view of the microstructural and mechanical properties whether characteristic or required of such material.


A/Prof Obada Kayalie (; Prof Evgeny Morozov (