Progressive Damage Modelling and Crash Simulation for Lminated Composite Structures

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The project is concerned with the development of a modelling approach to the simulation of the dynamic response of thin-walled composite structural components subjected to crushing loads. The progressive damage model should be developed and implemented into a FE code using a material characterisation process that is based on the material’s experimentally recorded behaviour. The material characterisation involves impact testing of the composite specimens. The performance of the implemented models will be evaluated by comparison of the results of numerical modelling and experimental data obtained from the dynamic testing of composite laminated structural components.

Description of Work:

  • Development of numerical progressive damage model
  • Model implementation into the FE code
  • Specimens design, manufacture and impact testing
  • FE analysis of the laminated components-demonstrators
  • Demonstrator manufacture and testing
  • Model validation


Prof Evgeny Morozov (