About the Public Service Research Group

Professor Helen Dickinson, PSRG Director

We understand that implementing policy is tricky, and that tricky problems cannot be solved with a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. When we partner with a public sector organisation, we will work with them to understand the problem, develop a tailored solution, and build up the organisational and individual capacity to solve similar problems in the future.

Our approach is guided by 5 principles:

  1. We recognise the messy reality of implementation to inform our choices of different knowledge and tools to create novel insights
  2. We will foster a holistic, system focused approach in all that we do, enabling a better understanding of the causes, rather than symptoms, of issues
  3. We will engage in mutually beneficial relationships with partners, adopting an asset-based approach that enables the partner to achieve better outcomes and develop new capabilities
  4. We will provide thought leadership and contribute to both local practice and global knowledge of public service delivery, implementation and evaluation
  5. We are professionals who deliver projects in a timely, quality and reliable manner.