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Whether you are an individual looking for a chance to gain new skills, a leader wanting to work with a group to further skills and capabilities in a business-critical space or an organisation looking to develop the next cadre of leadership then we can design and deliver something for you.

We offer fully customised learning programs that respond to your requirements, starting with a learning diagnosis process to ensure that any product that is developed is fully appropriate in terms of content and delivery mode.  All of our programs are intellectually-stimulating and delivered in a highly interactive format to ensure that learning is applicable within the workplace. 

Our programs can be delivered as intensive subjects over a few days or can be tailored to be ongoing programs (in an action learning form, for example) where participants are supported as they tackle real-life issues.  Programs can be delivered as residential, campus-based or work-place based in any area of Australia and overseas.  We work to an approach that encourages participants to bring their expertise to the learning experience and to combine this with that of others and our facilitators to generate actionable solutions. 

If you would like to discuss future opportunities, please contact us. We can design and deliver something for you.

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Scheduled Courses

Principles of Financial Valuation for Projects

Investing is influenced by both rationality arising from the analysis of available data, and emotions, which are based on gut feel. This course focuses on the rational part of investing; namely, measuring risk, constructing a diversified portfolio, cash flow analysis, understanding the bond and share market, and valuation. The course is aimed at individuals dealing with investment and asset management as part of their work, and is designed to be highly interactive.

2 Days | 7 - 8 May 2018

UNSW Canberra | Northcott Drive, Campbell ACT 2603


Face to Face

Introduction to cost-benefit analysis

CBA is a method of evaluation that attempts to estimate and compare the total benefits and costs of a proposed project or regulatory change. It calculates the dollar value of the gains and losses for all people affected by the project. If the sum is positive, the benefits exceed the costs and the project increases efficiency and value to society. If it is negative, the opposite conclusion arises. This course is aimed at individuals encountering CBA as part of their work, and is designed to be highly interactive.

2 Days | 9 - 10 May 2018

UNSW Canberra | Northcott Drive, Campbell ACT 2612


Face to Face

Creating high quality integrated care that delivers outcomes: A Masterclass

Integrated care is a global phenomenon across developed and developing countries seeking to make health and care systems both co-ordinated and person-centred.  Australia is no exception to this, with the Productivity Commission’s recent Productivity Review highlighting the creation of integrated care as a key priority.  The arguments for integration are many – ageing demographics, increasing complexity of conditions, continued health inequalities and poor patient experience - with health and care services struggling to collaborate successfully across organisational and sectoral boundaries. Successfully addressing fragmentation in pathways...

2 days | 27 - 28 June 2018

East Hotel | 69 Canberra Avenue, Kingston ACT 2604


Face to Face

Communicating with Impact

Communication is an essential capability for policy makers and public managers whether it is writing documents for decision makers, presenting to colleagues or engaging with stakeholders. Effective public sector professionals must have the ability not only to develop ideas and solutions but also to communicate them clearly and persuasively. This course will introduce participants to the principles of communication that can be applied across a range of settings.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate with clarity and confidence. This includes the foundations of communication...

2 days | 1 - 2 August 2018

Crema Room | East Hotel | 69 Canberra Avenue, Kingston ACT


Face to Face