Master of Logistics Management

In a context of increased globalisation and online service delivery, the Master of Logistics Management is designed for managers working in the private, public and Defence sectors who wish to gain a thorough understanding of logistics concepts and techniques.  In a context where those in public service are often being asked to look at specialist business practices, this course would offer the opportunity to learn more about the techniques required for effective logistics:

  • ZBUS8147 Business of Managing Projects
  • ZBUS8313 Risk Management in Logistics 
  • ZEIT8226 Systems Engineering Practice 
  • ZBUS8302 Logistics Management 


There are many options for electives but here are few examples reflecting that this would not be for specialists:


  • ZBUS8201 Leadership 
  • ZBUS8203 Change Management 
  • ZBUS8101 Strategic Management
  • ZBUS8308 Business Planning 


For further information, please visit the Handbook 2017