Master of Strategic People Management

The Master of Strategic People Management is designed to develop middle managers, particularly in the area of people management. Middle managers are recognized as a key element of organizational change, but despite this the majority of courses offered by universities do not focus on the specific people challenges of middle managers. In a context where those in public service are often recruited as subject specialist, their progression to a managing a team can be daunting. The core course consider the way that people management helps achieve organisational goals:

  • ZBUS8101 Strategic Management 
  • ZBUS8314 People and Systems 
  • ZBUS8315 Driving Performance 
  • ZBUS8316 Developing Org Capability 

There are many options for electives but here are few examples:

A recommended general programme for middle managers would be:


  • ZBUS8201 Leadership 
  • ZBUS8203 Change Management 
  • ZBUS8103 Strategic Human Resources 
  • ZBUS8147 Business of Managing Projects 

For those who are more interested people management, but do not want to do a qualification focused entirely on that:


  • ZBUS8103 Strategic Human Resources 
  • ZBUS8317 Workforce Planning 
  • ZBUS8203 Change Management 
  • ZBUS8201 Leadership 


For further information, please visit the Handbook 2017