Power to Persuade


One of the PSRG’s key aims is to improve understanding and communication between the main groups involved in policy processes: government, the community sector and academics.  Power to Persuade is a discussion blog and annual symposium that focuses on key social policy issues.  It is a predominantly Australian-focused space, although with a global scope. 

The aim of the symposium and blog is to develop better working relationships across the sectors through sharing our knowledge, building stronger and more constructive connections and enhancing our understanding of each other’s worlds.  Power to Persuade is a place where anyone can contribute to the knowledge and debate around social policy.  It’s a conversation open to all – policymakers, public servants, community sector workers, researchers and anyone else with a stake in public policy. We want to hear about the experiences you’ve had, the problems you face, and the things you’d like to see done differently. We want to encourage discussion and constructive debate about the many challenges involved in creating and implementing social policy.  By doing so, we hope to build a platform for more effective social policy change in future.

You can find out more about the symposium and blog here