PSRG Paper Series

The PSRG paper series is one of the ways in which we communicate about our research.  This series offers research-based thinking about topical themes for the public service. The PSRG paper series comprises two different forms of articles – Research Briefs and Issues Papers


Research Briefs 

Research Briefs are short papers that summarise the findings and implications of a recent piece of PSRG research.  The intention is that these should be short and accessible summaries that set out some of the practical implications of recent research findings. 

Briefing Paper No.1, November 2017 - Embedding Gender Equality in the Australian Public Service: Changing practices, changing cultures   (The full report of Changing Practices, Changing Cultures is available here.)


Issues Papers

Issues Papers are more substantial pieces that are an original exploration of a theme relevant to public services.  These papers provide an account of the state of the art evidence and issues around an important theme for contemporary public services.

Issues Paper No.1, November 2017Not Another Review About Implementation? Reframing the Research Agenda

Issues Paper No.2, November 2017Is All Stewardship Equal? Developing a Typology of Stewardship Approaches

Issues Paper No.3, November 2018 - Co-production and innovation - creating better solutions for future public service implementation

Issues Paper No.4, October 2019 - How can systems thinking enhance stewardship of public services?

PSRG Online

Things worth sharing booklets present some of the key contributions the PSRG have made in the year through published non-academic forums, including The Mandarin and a blog called the Power to Persuade.

Things worth sharing in 2018 

Things worth sharing in 2019

Things worth sharing in 2020