Knowledge Transfer

Our Approach

Knowledge transfer has increasingly become a key focus of activity for universities and public service partners alike.  We know that the creation of research and high quality is insufficient to change practice and a range of other mechanisms are important in supporting individuals and organisations to transfer expertise, skills and learning between academia and the public service community.  Whether you are looking to develop your own capacities or those of your people in critical areas or are looking to transform your organisation, we can put together a solution for you that draws on the cutting-edge research in a way that reflects the opportunities and challenges of your organisation. 

Knowledge transfer encompasses a broad array of different activities that support mutually beneficial collaborations between universities, the public sector, private organisations and community organisations.  As such we engage in a range of different formal and informal activities to support our knowledge transfer approach.  What is shared across these activities is the aspiration to work closely with you wherever you may be situated to assist with addressing your problems and to come up with creative and workable solutions.  Our process starts with a needs diagnosis to ensure that we fully understand your aims and aspirations and to ensure that we can develop the most appropriate solution for you.  All of our work is based in the rich theoretical and evidence-based research of our academics but is translated into a language and a format that is most relevant to the audience we are working with. 

Below are some of the different activities we are involved with in the knowledge transfer space. 

Customised executive education/professional development

Whether you are an individual looking for a chance to gain new skills, a leader wanting to work with a group to further skills and capabilities in a business-critical space or an organization looking to develop the next cadre of leadership then we can design and deliver something for you…



Commissioned research

Whether you want to evaluate your latest reform initiative or draw on the latest evidence to help inform your next change process we can design a research solution for you… 

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Consultancy and customised solutions

Whatever your specific learning or research need in relation to public policy and public services, we have a wealth of research and industry experts who can help you develop a solution to the real challenges that you and/or your organization faces… 

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Power to Persuade

One of the PSRG's key aims is to improve understanding and communication between the main groups involved in policy processes: government, the community sector and academics...