Recent Projects

Children with disability in the PoCLS wellbeing and outcomes
Institutional Abuse & Organisational Reform in the Australian Defence Force
State Capacity and Policy Implementation for National Development: A Comparative Study of Korea and 8 Southeast Asian Countries
Review of Land Titling and Urban Development Within the Australian Capital Territory: Policy Relevant Lessons for PNG
An independent evaluation of the collaborative pairs Australia national demonstration trial
Short form guide WHS reporting
Development of a Phase 2 Evaluation Framework for the Crusted Scabies Elimination Program
For the provision of workplace interventions to improve gender equity
Support the development of staff within the Policy Analysis and Evaluation Branch (PAEB) of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to be able to undertake Q-Methodology and QSorts
An evaluation of understanding of Performance Management in the AFP
Evaluation of One Disease Crusted Scabies Elimination Program
Feedback survey for SIL and STAA transferring services
Middle Managers’ Role in Progressing Gender Equity: A leading practice guide
The Role of Middle Managers in Progressing Gender Equity in the Public Sector
Invitation to Participate in Research: Careers, Strategies and Practices of Australian Diversity Practitioners
Structural changes in the public sector
Employee Voice in Sri Lankan Garment Factories
Owner/ manager capabilities and Hispanic small business performance
Relational inertia in buyer-supplier exchange
Accessing Network Resources and Network Initialisation for Entrepreneurs
Indigenous leadership
Institutional Change
Leadership in complexity
Culture of Speed and Road Safety
Innovating for military capability: A sectoral systems approach
A Catch-up Strategy in Technological Innovation: Patent Portfolio Analysis of Huawei Technologies Co.
Disruptions, Business Model Innovations and Demand-Side Transitions in Industry Evolution in Emerging Markets: The Case of China’s Mobile Handset Industry
Anthropology and management decision making
Are HRM Issues Hindering China Becoming a Truly Innovative Country?: A Multi-Level Assessment
The Dilemma of China's Innovation
The impact of scandal in sport
Value co-destruction in buyer-supplier exchange
'The purgatorial shadows of war': Accounting, blame and shell shock
Tourist destination choice modelling
Practice & Procedure: High Court and Federal Court of Australia
Litigation in the Federal Court
Credit markets and use of land and real estate as collateral.
Land tenure and productivity
The nexus between peace and prosperity
Learning from Evaluation
Agency-bargaining in the Australian Public Service
Employer Demand for Transferable Generic and Personal Skills in the Australian Public Sector (APS).
Improving the disaster risk management: facilitating a transition to a long-term community development
Strengthening the Performance Management Framework
Diagnosing Readiness: Testing Organisational Capabilities
Competencies for Effective Public Sector Reform
Student perspectives on university teaching - choice based methods
Protecting the Integrity of Sport: What is Worth Defending?
Accounting, stigma and Indigenous stolen wages
Advertising the accountant: A stereotype in crisis
Hiding who pays: when disaster relief becomes a disaster
Gender and Drugs in Sport
Death for performance - What would athletes trade for success?
(De) Motivating Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: The Curious Case of China
Pay Disparity between Top Management Team and Lower-Level Employees, Firm Performance, and Industry Sensitivity: Evidence from China Listed Companies
Indigenous Corporations, governance and accountability
Public Accounts Committees and Parliamentary oversight
Historical development of Performance Audit in the Australian ANAO
International comparison of the impact of performance audit reports
Value for money and performance audit - Auditors General in public sector governance
The Effects of Collaborative Research Schemes on Research Output and Impact
Middle Manager Development in the APS