Middle Managers’ Role in Progressing Gender Equity: A leading practice guide

This guide has been developed as a product of a 2017-18 research partnership between three universities and four Australian public sector jurisdictions. It examined how public sector middle managers can progress gender equity at work and was based on conversations with 300 middle managers, senior public sector leaders and human resource professionals in the four jurisdictions.

The guide distils the findings from the research which examined the key role that middle managers play in operationalising gender-equity focused policies and provides suggested actions to drive best practice.

Focusing on critical areas of human resources management: job design, recruitment and selection, career development, technology and support and flexible working arrangements, the guide is designed to aid middle managers to act as leaders for change through progressing and championing gender equity strategies in their workplaces.

This project was funded by the Australian and New Zealand School of Government and the New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmanian governments. If you would like more information about this project or to discuss future research partnerships, please contact Dr Sue Williamson at s.williamson@adfa.edu.au.

This guide can be acessed from here

Full report: The Role of Middle Managers in Progressing Gender Equity in the Public Sector is available here.

Dr Williamson briefly discusses leading practices to progress gender equity here