Support the development of staff within the Policy Analysis and Evaluation Branch (PAEB) of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to be able to undertake Q-Methodology and QSorts

This study aims to inform the review and improvement of evaluation culture in Indigenous Affairs Group (IAG), in PMC, as required under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Evaluation Framework. The Framework aims to achieve greater capacity, integration and use of robust evaluation evidence against the standards described under each of the best practice principles. This integration involves embedding evaluation into all IAS policy from the beginning. To assist in understanding the maturation of IAG evaluation culture and track progress towards this aim, and focusing on staff within PMC, the purpose of this study is:
To understand the current evaluation culture across the IAG in all areas involved in delivering services under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) and establish an approach that supports improvement and exploration of future trends.

This study will form a baseline for future studies and be part of a review of progress in evaluation maturity for the organisation at the 3 year mark. This will inform our capability development strategy (which involves a range of training approaches and information sessions for staff at a range of levels and across the country).

Researcher/s: Professor Deborah Blackman