Public Leadership Research Group


The Public Leadership Research Group hosts a range of academic activities focusing on the promotion of the contest of ideas and advancing the public interest. This includes the development of the Howard Library (located at Old Parliament House) which showcases the conflicts and controversies of Australian public life between 1996 and 2007 and provides resources and forums for students and researchers.

UNSW is a Foremost Advocate of Strong Public Leadership

The Public Leadership Research Group (PLRG) located at Old Parliament House embodies UNSW's commitment to the principles and practice of public leadership through teaching, research and global engagement. The PLRG hosts the 'Howard Library', an apolitical and non-partisan research initiative created to support the study of national affairs.

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Our Research

PLRG is a multi-disciplinary research centre at UNSW Canberra dealing with individuals, institutions and initiatives that promote and protect the public interest.

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Our Education

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or are looking to undertake postgraduate study to change, progress or redirect your career, we offer courses in leadership and policy that can deliver for you.

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Research and Study


Who defines the public interest? As the contributors to the collection have shown, the question itself is complex.

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Our People

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'Public leadership promotes the common good and pursues the public interest. It does not seek to preference or prejudice the needs or desires of any group at the expense of others or to advance personal or private aspirations and objectives to the detriment of the collective wellbeing of the entire citizenry. Public leadership is indifferent to polemical agendas and partisan goals, and transcends the practical preoccupations of administration and management.'

Professor Tom Frame AM
  Inaugural Director 
  Public Leadership Research Group, 2018