The Fourth UNSW Canberra "Howard Government Retrospective: 2004-2007"


National Press Club
16 National Circuit,
Barton ACT 2600

8.30am to 5.00pm

The fourth UNSW Canberra Howard Government Retrospective Conference will focus on 2004 -2007, commencing with Indigenous Reconciliation, the Northern Territory intervention, and the election that saw the Coalition lose office and the Prime Minister his seat in parliament.

The speakers include former Prime Minister John Howard, senior Coalition and Labor figures, leading commentators and notable academics.

In addition to assessing the Howard Government’s successes and shortcomings, the conference will consider the Coalition’s electoral victory in October 2004, the downfall of Kim Beazley and rise of Kevin ‘07’ Rudd, and ultimately, the Coalition’s electoral defeat in November 2007 after nearly 12 years in office.

The program will enthrall everyone interested in Australian politics, industrial relations and Aboriginal affairs.

Registrations are now open 

Program information will be provided in July 2019.




National Press Club

16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600