Howard Library and Exhibition, Old Parliament House, Canberra

The Howard Library and Exhibition was opened officially by The Honourable Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister on 4 December 2018. Since its opening, some 11,500 local, interstate and overseas visitors have actively and valuably engaged with the exhibition space. It consistently rates highly with visitors often commenting on our unique and comprehensive collection: ‘thought provoking’, ‘very well put together…extremely educational’, ‘a fitting reflection’, and proudly, ‘a national treasure’. Hosted by UNSW Canberra, the Howard Library houses more than 10,000 items of personal papers, official records, political memorabilia, photographs and documents from John Howard’s political career, from 1974 to 2007. With John Howard viewing politics as a ‘contest of ideas’, he values and sees the purpose of this collection as a place that highlights the challenges and priorities of his government. While the Howard Library is closed currently due to COVID-19 restrictions, please take a moment to view our walk-through video hosted on our website. We hope to see you all soon.