Robust control of quantum ensembles

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Dr Daoyi Dong (

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Quantum Technology has been recognised as one of the most promising frontier technologies. Although great progress has already been made, a lot of fundamental research is still needed for this area to become mature enough to foster wider practical applications. Much research in this area can be formulated as quantum control problems. Quantum control theory is drawing wide attention with research in this regard involving controllability, optimal control, feedback control, etc. Although a number of results on control design of single quantum systems have been presented, there are few results for the control analysis and synthesis of quantum ensembles. A quantum ensemble consists of a large number of single quantum systems. Quantum ensembles have wide applications in emerging quantum technology including quantum computation, long-distance quantum communication, and magnetic resonance imaging. The objective of this project is to develop new theories and methods to enhance control capabilities and robustness in the engineering of quantum ensembles. This project is in collaboration with Prof Rabitz at Princeton University (USA).

Description of Work:

  • Formulate a collection of practical tasks arising in the quantum domain as control problems for quantum ensembles with a well-defined performance index.
  • Develop new theories and control algorithms to achieve improved control performance for quantum ensemble control problems.