Research Themes

Research at the School of Business


Research in the School of Business specialises in three interrelated areas of research concerning the business of organisations.

There is considerable overlap in the research pursued in the areas of Governance & Strategic Decision Making, Public Sector Management, and Logistics & Business Systems Modelling. For instance, some of our public sector management research involves a governance focus. Similarly, part of our logistics research is applied in public sector contexts including Defence.

Across the three research areas, we cooperate with a range of external stakeholders and research partners.


Governance and Strategic Decision Making

This area consists of four sub-groups of research focus: Governance & Professions, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Decisions & Strategy, and Migration & Development.  The School has expertise in each of these aspects informed by the... more

Public Sector Management

This domain comprises the ways in which public services are delivered and the capabilities and knowledge required for the provision of those services. One particular research strength in this area is public sector human resource management including performance management. External engagement in... more

Logistics and Business Systems Modelling

The School has staff with expertise in business analytics, modelling and big data at the intersection of business and advanced information technology. Research is carried out through partnerships with industry to develop innovative solutions in logistics networks, asset management and... more