Governance and Strategic Decision Making

This area consists of four sub-groups of research focus: Governance & Professions, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Decisions & Strategy, and Migration & Development.  The School has expertise in each of these aspects informed by the use of rigorous research methods and analyses and applied to both public and private organisations.  Relevant external stakeholders include the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

1. Governance and professions

This subgroup involves research on how to organise, manage and develop responsive and effective governing systems on an individual, national, state and professional institutional level. Issues on sustainment, specialisation, cultural intelligence and diversity are some of the main interests in this group. 

2. Entrepreneurship and innovation 

Entrepreneurial behaviour on an individual, organisational, national and international level is explored in this research with a strong focus on creativity and innovation. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, issues around change, policy innovation, economic and technological development, network relationships and sustainability. 

3. Decisions and strategy 

This subgroup focuses on finding conclusions and resolutions by making use of decision-making analysis at the individual, organisational and national level. The information provides strategic guidance to effective planning, design and implementation of strategy in organisations. 

4. Migration and development 

This area looks in the broader sense to policy and individual impact of the movement of people across borders. Issues of social and community development, economic development as well as policy implications are some of the main issues investigated in this research. 

The Public Service Research Group (PSRG) is an affiliated group within the School of Business.  The PSRG partners with organisational clients to produce new insights into effective public service implementation and evaluation. PSRG perform timely, high-quality and reliable research into public policy implementation and draw on this in delivering world class executive education and professional development.