FSI Workshop 2018


UNSW Canberra, Australia

9.00am to 5.00pm

3-Day invited workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction

The Objectives:

The invited workshop will bring together leading and active exponents of FSI research. While this research has potential application in quite diverse flow regimes, many of the analytical and numerical modelling methods and experimental diagnostics are common between them. Thus, a targeted workshop that brings together the leading FSI experts in both experimental methods and numerical simulations will help to guide and focus future work in this area and maximize its success.

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The Workshop:

The workshop will include a number of presentations, workshops, and social events including an excursion in the local Canberra area. The workshop will encompass research across a number of subfields of FSI. These areas will include:

  • High-speed FSI (hypersonic and supersonic)
  • Biomimetic FSI (micro UAVs & UUVs, insects and birds, flapping wing propulsion, power generation)
  • Biomedical FSI (blood flow, respiratory, microorganisms)


Organising Committee: A Neely, J Young, F Tian, J Lai

Invited speakers (To be finalised)

High speed FSI, International:

  • Prof Daniel Bodony, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Prof Earl Dowell, Duke University
  • Prof Jack McNamara, Ohio State University
  • Prof Joanna Austin, Caltech
  • Dr Katya Casper, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Prof Stuart Laurence, University of Maryland (Tentative)
  • Dr Venkat Narayanaswamy, North Carolina State University


Low speed FSI, International:

  • Prof Alexander (Lex) Smits, Princeton University (Keynote Speaker)
  • Prof Charles (Chas) Williamson, Cornell University (Keynote Speaker)
  • Prof Hyung Jin Sung, KAIST (Keynote Speaker)
  • Prof Jeff Eldredge, UCLA (Keynote Speaker)
  • Prof Wei Shyy, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Keynote Speaker, tentative)
  • Dr Andres Goza, Princeton University
  • Dr Chang-Kwon Kang, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • A/Prof James (Jimmy) Liao, University of Florida
  • A/Prof Qiang Zhu, UCSD
  • A/Prof Wei-Xi Huang, Tsinghua University


High speed FSI, Domestic: (To be finalised)

  • Prof Con Doolan, UNSW Sydney
  • Dr Danielle Moreau, UNSW Sydney
  • Prof David Buttsworth, University of Southern Queensland


Low speed FSI, Domestic: (To be finalised)

  • A/Prof Tracie Barber, UNSW Sydney
Contacts: Prof Andrew Neely (High speed FSI), Dr Fangbao Tian (Low speed FSI, International) and A/Prof John Young (Low speed FSI, Domestic)