Redefining R&D Needs for Australian Cyber Security


Australian Defence Force Academy, Northcutt Drive, Canberra ACT




This international conference is organized by the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) at the Australian Defence Force Academy in partnership with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group (formerly DSTO). The conference aims to examine selected aspects of how the R&D base in Australia for cyber security is shaped by and feeds into a globalized industry. It examines the challenge of reconciling sovereign needs in various contexts of national security (including military, counter-terrorism, and critical infrastructure protection) with international cyber interdependence. The conference will feature panel sessions to address public policy linkages between industry, education and research, as well as the presentation of selected scientific papers to showcase current Australia-based R&D in the field of cyber security.

The format of the conference will be based on presentations of research findings as a stimulus to discussion, with a high priority attached to debate and exchange of ideas.

The organisers will publish a summary report for government and business leaders. Selected papers will be submitted for peer-review for publication in relevant scientific and policy journals.  

We have identified the following three priority themes, each of which has national level strategic applications as well as lower level operational or enterprise applications.

Decision-making in complex, dynamic cyber environments

-        Big data analytics and decision support

-        Pervasive dynamic security

-        Assuring business continuity and military missions

Vulnerability discovery and mitigation

-         Vulnerability discovery and intrusion detection

-         Novel approaches to vulnerability discovery 

-         Vulnerability classification

Trustworthy ICT

-         Secure hardware and software

-         Secure operations over insecure mediums

-         Operating with compromised systems



Conference details

Lunch and Refreshments

Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all participants.

Cocktail function

There will be short cocktail event at the end of the day until 6.30pm.


There is a $50 administration fee for the conference, except for participants from the ADF, the Australian Department of Defence, or UNSW (staff or students).

To register for the conference, inlcuding those exempt from the administration charge, please REGISTER HERE.

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