SEIT Aviation Outreach Program at Sutton Public School


Academics and first year BTech (Aviation) ADFA Officer Cadets within SEIT delivered the inaugural Aviation Outreach Program (AOP) to 90 primary school students (years 6/7) at Sutton Public School.  The Aviation Outreach Program has been designed as a Capstone Project for the new first year course, ZEIT1800 Introduction to Aviation Technology.  Given only an outline for the AOP, first year BTech (Aviation) cadets designed and delivered a STEM outreach program which reflected the aviation engineering and operational content they had studied in ZEIT1800.  The cadets prepared and submitted individually written work and delivered a viva prior to, as a group, developing learning outcomes and adapting the university level course content to lessons and activities designed to engage the primary school students in STEM studies.  Judging by the comprehensive and thoughtful answers the students gave when questioned, and the enthusiastic participation in all of the activities, indications are that in a few years we may see these students enrol in our own engineering programs.

Many thanks to the SEIT academics who helped with this initiative; A/Prof. Andrew Neely, Sue Burdekin, Charlie Hoke, Kate Wilson, and our SEIT Visiting Military Fellow, SQNLDR Evan Smith, as well as the ‘very talented’ first and second year BTech (Aviation) Officer Cadets.