Year 9 Science students from Melrose High School visit UNSW Canberra


A/Prof Harald Kleine and A/Prof John Young recently hosted a visit for Year 9 Science students from Melrose High School. The visit was arranged as a part of the ACE Science Mentors program which was created by Geoff McNamara, a Science Teacher at Melrose and for which he won the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in High-School Science Teaching in 2014.

Geoff McNamara developed the Academic Curriculum Extension (ACE) program in 2009 as a way to inspire his students from years 8 to 10. Six years on, Mr McNamara has connected more than 100 budding scientists with academic mentors. The program hones in on each student's passion for a specific science field and allows them to explore it with an expert. Academics also come to the school to give presentations, while other scientists guide students on tours of their facilities.

SEIT academic A/Prof Kleine has been involved in this program for four years, and has mentored six students. For the last three years, he has also given presentations to the Year 10 class, and last year started doing tours of SEIT at UNSW Canberra. A/Prof John Young joined this program two years ago, and has mentored three students and he co-organised and co-hosted last year’s tour.

This year the students visited PEMS, the anechoic chamber in SEIT, observed a concrete crushing demonstration in Civil Engineering and toured the Fluids lab (Bernoulli experiment, supersonic tunnel). A/Prof Kleine noted that “some of the students asked really good questions (and also gave good answers when prompted).”

Many thanks to the SEIT and PEMS staff who helped with this visit: Dr Peter McIntyre; Prof Grant Collins; A/Prof John Young; Prof Chi King Lee; Mr Jim Baxter; A/Prof Harald Kleine.